Rocktim Saikia

A software engineer living in the cloud ☁ . Mostly working with JS and node related stuff, while using React and Nextjs for my frontend related stuff. Currently getting into Python and Rust. I use vscode for my office related work and vim(neovim) as my default editor for my personal projects and in general, I also like to occasionally do some UI designs, which you can find on my Dribbble.

Apart from that, I also create fun REST APIs. I love open source and I have published quite a few node modules to npm which are open source and available in my Github.

Here is my current stack (outdated, will update soon):

  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • Typescript
  • Next.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Node.js
  • SWR


Frontend UX engineer - Codingal

July 2021 - Current

  • Create reusable react hooks and modules for internal use cases.
  • Work on page speed optimization of the overall application while providing thorough reports on the progress.
  • Create and maintain various landing pages and ongoing campaigns.
  • Work on P0 and P1 issues as an oncall engineer.

Frontend/UI engineer (intern) - Listiee

Jan 2020 - June 2020

  • Wrote modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of client and internal projects.
  • Improved the overall SEO optimization and work on deployments.
  • Communicate with Backend and Fullstack engineers on daily basis.

Fullstack engineer (intern) - Maytree

Oct 2019 - December 2019

  • Worked on the design and prototype of the main landing page.
  • Created their landing page website from scratch using Pure Html and CSS with Node.js on the server.
  • Improved the overall SEO optimization and work on deployments.
Fetching spotify api...
If you like my work and want support me, you can buy me coffee right here ❤